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Child Information

Child's Name : Date of Birth :
Name of person with parental responsibility : Please provide name(s) of any person who has no access or restricted access :
Religion : Ethnicity :
Plume Avenue Nursery uses Tapestry, an online learning journey programme to record your child's development. To enable you to access your child's record, we will require an email address. We will also use email to contact you with other important information such as holiday dates, newsletters and invoicing information. Email :

Parent / Carer Contact Information
Please complete the boxes below for the child's primary carers. Please note this will usually be the order in which we attempt to make any contact.

Parent / Carer
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Parent / Carer
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Emergency Contact Information
Please complete the boxes below for the person we should attempt to contact in the event of an emergency, if we are unable to contact either of the above.

Emergency Contact Name : Relationship :
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Consent to collect from nursery
In the event that neither of the parents / carers or the emergency contact named above are able to collect the child from nursery, written permission for another person to do so must be given.
Please enter the information required in respect of other relevant person/s able to collect your child.

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Health Information

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Request for Consent
Please read each of the following sections and complete the tick box if you are happy to give your consent.

Nursery Policies :

We recommend all parents / carers make themselves aware of the contents of all our policies. These are available online at our website or can be provided in paper form upon request. If these are required in another language we can arrange a translated document using an online resource.

 I confirm I have read the information regarding the nursery policies and am aware that as a parent/carer of a child attending Plume Avenue Nursery I am expected to abide by the requirements contained therein.

Safeguarding / Child Protection :

As part of our role in caring for and supporting the development of your child we will work with children, parents and the wider community to ensure the safety of all children and to give them the very best start in life. Please be aware that information may be shared beyond the setting if any allegation relating to Child Protection is made.

 I confirm this understanding.
Observation & Assessment :

In accordance with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), the nursery practitioners are required to observe, record and assess the children at play. This will ensure that each child receives learning opportunities and where necessary, support appropriate for their individual needs. All such information will be confidential, shared only with yourselves and when necessary, other relevant professional bodies dealing with your family.

 I give my consent for these recorded observations to take place.

Suncream :

We usually request that suncream is applied to the children before they arrive at nursery. We will apply more as required throughout the day if required (please advise us if you wish to supply your own suncream in a clearly labelled bottle)

 I give my permission for nursery staff to apply suncream as required.
Photographs :

We will take photographs of the children at nursery for use in their Tapestry Learning Journals and around the setting for displays. They will not be published online on our website or via social media.

 I give my permission for my child to be included in group photographs for use in learning journals of either my own or other children.
Outings :

On occasion Plume Avenue Nursery may take the children out for visits - for example, to the library or local shops. We ensure we have sufficient staff numbers to safely manage the number of children and take all appropriate precautions to keep the children safe.

  I give consent for my child to participte in these visits.
Social Media :

I am aware of the nursery policy relating to the use of photographs and confidentiality and 'tick the box' to confirm that I WILL NOT post pictures of ANY OTHER CHILD that may be in any image taken at nursery containing my child on any Social Networking site. I further agree that should I (or any family member) be found to have flouted this policy the nursery shall reserve the right to cancel sessions.
Please note this is a SAFEGUARDING ISSUE.

  I confirm I have read and understood the above.

Please note - in case of illness; if antibiotics are prescribed, your child will need to be kept away for at least 24 hours after the first dosage, 48 hours for sickness and or diarrhoea.

Please also be aware that medicines can only be administered to your child if they have been specifically prescribed for them and are supplied to nursery in an appropriate container, named and labelled by the dispensing pharmacy for the use of the named child. As such we are unable to administer 'over the counter' medicines such as 'calpol' etc.

Where necesaary for practitioners to administer medicine, please advise a member of the office team on arrival as we will require your signature every time medicine is required.