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WCT - Wally Castle Invitation TrophyTMT - Terry Martin Trophy
ABT - Arthur Boswell TrophyCHMLC - Charles Hewitt Memorial League Cup
ESPC - Essex Sunday Premier CupESJC - Essex Sunday Junior Cup
ESJT - Essex Sunday Junior TrophyEOCC - Ernie Osborne Challenge Cup
FMC - Fowler Memorial Cup

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2Sep2018ABTFINALQueens Arms3-2Duckpond
2Sep2018PremierRamsey & Mistley2-5City Saints
2Sep2018PremierSt Johns4-5Marquis
2Sep2018PremierSunday Shrimpers1-2Vagabonds
2Sep2018Lge Div 1Madrid Wanderers2-2Iceni Wanderers
2Sep2018Lge Div 1Vikings Flag7-1Fordham Athletic
2Sep2018Lge Div 1Fifteen Degrees7-4Pathfields
2Sep2018Lge Div 1Newtown Rovers2-9Highwaymen
2Sep2018Lge Div 2Tavern5-7CO4 Ultras
2Sep2018Lge Div 2Dovercourt Rovers12-0Bullers
2Sep2018Lge Div 2Ramsey & Mistley Res4-4Stone Island
2Sep2018Lge Div 2Cusa4-0Great Oakley
2Sep2018Lge Div 3Pitchbury2-4Sokretez Res
2Sep2018Lge Div 3PhoenixHWDedham Athletic
2Sep2018Lge Div 3Riverbank Athletic8-0Vagabonds Res
2Sep2018Lge Div 3Feering Village5-0Ramsey & Mistley A
9Sep2018WCTFINALCity Saints1-5Romania Athletic
9Sep2018PremierFC Byair0-2St Johns
9Sep2018PremierSunday Shrimpers9-2Ramsey & Mistley
9Sep2018Lge Div 1Harts1-2Queens Arms
9Sep2018Lge Div 1Fordham Athletic1-1Highwaymen
9Sep2018Lge Div 1Sokretez0-8Vikings Flag
9Sep2018Lge Div 1Pathfields3-1Newtown Rovers
9Sep2018Lge Div 2CO4 Ultras3-2Cusa
9Sep2018Lge Div 2Great Oakley4-5Bullers
9Sep2018Lge Div 2Stone Island1-4Tavern
9Sep2018Lge Div 2Ramsey & Mistley Res0-3Dovercourt Rovers
9Sep2018Lge Div 3Colchester Crusaders1-1Pitchbury
9Sep2018Lge Div 3Dedham Athletic2-2Ramsey & Mistley A
9Sep2018Lge Div 3Vagabonds Res6-2Phoenix
9Sep2018Lge Div 3Riverbank Athletic1-1Feering Village
16Sep2018PremierRomania Athletic6-2Sunday Shrimpers
16Sep2018PremierSt Johns5-1Ramsey & Mistley
16Sep2018PremierDuckpondHWFC Byair
16Sep2018Lge Div 1Vikings Flag0-1Harts
16Sep2018Lge Div 1Queens Arms1-0Fordham Athletic
16Sep2018Lge Div 1Iceni Wanderers3-0Pathfields
16Sep2018Lge Div 1Fifteen Degrees1-0Sokretez
16Sep2018Lge Div 1Newtown Rovers1-1Madrid Wanderers
16Sep2018Lge Div 2Cusa1-0Dovercourt Rovers
16Sep2018Lge Div 2Bullers1-5Stone Island
16Sep2018Lge Div 2Great Clacton Utd6-2Tavern
16Sep2018Lge Div 2CO4 Ultras11-0Ramsey & Mistley Res
16Sep2018Lge Div 3Sokretez Res3-4Riverbank Athletic
16Sep2018Lge Div 3Phoenix3-1Colchester Crusaders
16Sep2018Lge Div 3Ramsey & Mistley A1-5Pitchbury
16Sep2018Lge Div 3Feering Village4-1Dedham Athletic
23Sep2018ESPCR1Romania Athletic8-3Romford Elite
23Sep2018ESPCR1GlobalHWRamsey & Mistley
23Sep2018ESPCR1MarquisHWSt Cleres
23Sep2018PremierCity Saints4-1Duckpond
23Sep2018PremierSunday ShrimpersP-PFC Byair
23Sep2018Lge Div 1HighwaymenAWVikings Flag
23Sep2018Lge Div 1Iceni Wanderers2-7Queens Arms
23Sep2018Lge Div 1Harts1-3Fifteen Degrees
23Sep2018Lge Div 1Madrid Wanderers5-4Pathfields
23Sep2018Lge Div 1Fordham Athletic3-5Sokretez
23Sep2018Lge Div 2BullersAWGreat Clacton Utd
23Sep2018Lge Div 2Dovercourt Rovers6-0Great Oakley
23Sep2018Lge Div 2TavernP-PCusa
23Sep2018Lge Div 2Stone Island2-10CO4 Ultras
23Sep2018Lge Div 3Pitchbury1-7Feering Village
23Sep2018Lge Div 3Sokretez ResP-PPhoenix
23Sep2018Lge Div 3Ramsey & Mistley A2-3Colchester Crusaders
23Sep2018Lge Div 3Dedham Athletic1-3Riverbank Athletic
30Sep2018ESJCR1PathfieldsHWWitham Nomads
30Sep2018ESJCR1Fifteen DegreesHWBocking Eagles
30Sep2018ESJCR1Tiptree Jobserve6-2Ramsey & Mistley Res
30Sep2018ESJCR1Iceni Wanderers3-5Finchingfield
30Sep2018ESJTR1Great Clacton Utd2-6CO4 Ultras
30Sep2018PremierVagabonds1-3Sunday Shrimpers
30Sep2018PremierFC Byair0-10Romania Athletic
30Sep2018PremierCity Saints6-1Ramsey & Mistley
30Sep2018Lge Div 1Fordham Athletic4-1Newtown Rovers
30Sep2018Lge Div 1Sokretez2-6Harts
30Sep2018Lge Div 1Vikings Flag5-2Madrid Wanderers
30Sep2018Lge Div 1Queens ArmsHWHighwaymen
30Sep2018Lge Div 2Stone Island1-10Dovercourt Rovers
30Sep2018Lge Div 2Great Oakley0-9Tavern
30Sep2018Lge Div 2Cusa4-2Bullers
30Sep2018Lge Div 3Vagabonds Res3-4Sokretez Res
30Sep2018Lge Div 3Colchester Crusaders3-2Dedham Athletic
30Sep2018Lge Div 3Pitchbury2-5Phoenix
30Sep2018Lge Div 3Ramsey & Mistley A2-5Riverbank Athletic
7Oct2018PremierMarquis7-1City Saints
7Oct2018PremierSunday Shrimpers1-2FC Byair
7Oct2018PremierRomania Athletic4-0St Johns
7Oct2018PremierRamsey & Mistley3-3Vagabonds
7Oct2018Lge Div 1Pathfields2-4Fordham Athletic
7Oct2018Lge Div 1Harts3-3Iceni Wanderers
7Oct2018Lge Div 1Newtown Rovers2-7Fifteen Degrees
7Oct2018Lge Div 1Queens Arms2-3Vikings Flag
7Oct2018Lge Div 1Madrid Wanderers3-2Sokretez
7Oct2018Lge Div 2Dovercourt Rovers2-0Ramsey & Mistley Res
7Oct2018Lge Div 2Tavern1-2Cusa
7Oct2018Lge Div 2CO4 Ultras6-1Great Clacton Utd
7Oct2018Lge Div 2Stone Island3-0Great Oakley
7Oct2018Lge Div 3Feering Village7-3Vagabonds Res
7Oct2018Lge Div 3Sokretez Res2-1Phoenix
7Oct2018Lge Div 3Riverbank Athletic6-0Colchester Crusaders
7Oct2018Lge Div 3Ramsey & Mistley A1-6Dedham Athletic
14Oct2018ESJCR2Sokretez8-0Onley Arms
14Oct2018ESJCR2Cole Green13-1Newtown Rovers
14Oct2018ESJCR2Panfield Bell0-4Madrid Wanderers
14Oct2018ESJCR2Pathfields2-1Tiptree Jobserve
14Oct2018ESJCR2Fifteen Degrees1-3Plume Academicals
14Oct2018ESJTR2Witham Town3-2Cusa
14Oct2018ESJTR2Great Oakley0-2Gt Bradfords Res
14Oct2018ESJTR2CO4 UltrasHWWoodham Athletic
14Oct2018PremierDuckpond4-1Sunday Shrimpers
14Oct2018PremierVagabonds0-3Romania Athletic
14Oct2018PremierSt Johns1-1City Saints
14Oct2018PremierRamsey & MistleyHWMarquis
14Oct2018Lge Div 1Harts6-0Fordham Athletic
14Oct2018Lge Div 1Highwaymen7-1Iceni Wanderers
14Oct2018Lge Div 2Great Clacton Utd4-1Bullers
14Oct2018Lge Div 2Tavern2-5Dovercourt Rovers
14Oct2018Lge Div 2Stone Island1-3Ramsey & Mistley Res
14Oct2018Lge Div 3Phoenix2-7Riverbank Athletic
14Oct2018Lge Div 3Colchester Crusaders7-1Sokretez Res
14Oct2018Lge Div 3Vagabonds Res3-3Pitchbury
14Oct2018Lge Div 3Ramsey & Mistley AP-PFeering Village
21Oct2018FMCR1Queens Arms1-5FC Byair
21Oct2018FMCR1Fifteen Degrees2-4Fordham Athletic
21Oct2018FMCR1Ramsey & Mistley1aet3Vagabonds
Romania Athletic
21Oct2018EOCCR1Feering Village5-0Sokretez Res
21Oct2018EOCCR1Great Clacton Utd5-2Phoenix
21Oct2018PremierSunday Shrimpers5-0St Johns
21Oct2018PremierCity Saints1-3Marquis
21Oct2018Lge Div 1Highwaymen2-6Harts
21Oct2018Lge Div 1Iceni Wanderers3-2Madrid Wanderers
21Oct2018Lge Div 1Vikings FlagHWNewtown Rovers
21Oct2018Lge Div 2Bullers4-4Tavern
21Oct2018Lge Div 2Cusa3-4CO4 Ultras
21Oct2018Lge Div 2Dovercourt Rovers5-3Stone Island
21Oct2018Lge Div 3Vagabonds Res1-3Colchester Crusaders
21Oct2018Lge Div 3Dedham Athletic5-1Pitchbury
28Oct2018FMCR1Madrid Wanderers2-5Sunday Shrimpers
28Oct2018PremierVagabondsP-PSt Johns
28Oct2018PremierMarquis5-1Romania Athletic
28Oct2018PremierCity Saints4-1FC Byair
28Oct2018Lge Div 1Pathfields3-5Queens Arms
28Oct2018Lge Div 1Sokretez10-0Newtown Rovers
28Oct2018Lge Div 1Fifteen Degrees0-6Vikings Flag
28Oct2018Lge Div 1Fordham Athletic2-0Iceni Wanderers
28Oct2018Lge Div 1HartsHWHighwaymen
28Oct2018Lge Div 2Ramsey & Mistley Res7-1Bullers
28Oct2018Lge Div 2CO4 Ultras2-0Tavern
28Oct2018Lge Div 2Great Oakley0-4Dovercourt Rovers
28Oct2018Lge Div 2Stone Island1-6Cusa
28Oct2018Lge Div 3Sokretez Res0-4Dedham Athletic
28Oct2018Lge Div 3Vagabonds Res0-1Ramsey & Mistley A
28Oct2018Lge Div 3Riverbank Athletic4-1Phoenix
28Oct2018Lge Div 3Feering Village11-1Colchester Crusaders
4Nov2018ESPCR2Marquis5-7Romania Athletic
4Nov2018ESPCR2Vikings Flag11-2Repton Park
4Nov2018ESJCR3Pathfields4-10Leigh Utd
4Nov2018CHMLCR2Great Oakley1-11Cusa
4Nov2018CHMLCR2CO4 UltrasHWBullers
4Nov2018PremierRamsey & Mistley2-5St Johns
4Nov2018PremierSunday Shrimpers2-1City Saints
4Nov2018PremierVagabonds3-3FC Byair
4Nov2018Lge Div 1Queens Arms2-0Iceni Wanderers
4Nov2018Lge Div 1Madrid Wanderers4-2Fifteen Degrees
4Nov2018Lge Div 1Newtown RoversAWHarts
4Nov2018Lge Div 2Great Clacton Utd4-3Ramsey & Mistley Res
4Nov2018Lge Div 3Ramsey & Mistley A0-13Feering Village
4Nov2018Lge Div 3Colchester Crusaders1-6Riverbank Athletic
4Nov2018Lge Div 3Phoenix4-4Vagabonds Res
11Nov2018ESJCR3Aveley Accies7-5Madrid Wanderers
11Nov2018ESJTR3S Woodham Ferrers1-7CO4 Ultras
11Nov2018ESJTR3Orsett & Chadwell5-0Ramsey & Mistley A
11Nov2018PremierRomania Athletic11-2Ramsey & Mistley
11Nov2018PremierSt JohnsP-PSunday Shrimpers
11Nov2018PremierFC Byair2-6Marquis
11Nov2018PremierCity Saints2-1Vagabonds
11Nov2018Lge Div 1Fordham AthleticP-PHarts
11Nov2018Lge Div 1Fifteen DegreesP-PIceni Wanderers
11Nov2018Lge Div 1Queens Arms9-2Pathfields
11Nov2018Lge Div 1Newtown Rovers0-23Vikings Flag
11Nov2018Lge Div 2BullersP-PRamsey & Mistley Res
11Nov2018Lge Div 2Dovercourt Rovers2-2Great Clacton Utd
11Nov2018Lge Div 2Cusa4-2Stone Island
11Nov2018Lge Div 2Tavern3-4Great Oakley
11Nov2018Lge Div 3Vagabonds Res2-5Dedham Athletic
11Nov2018Lge Div 3Colchester Crusaders4-1Phoenix
11Nov2018Lge Div 3Sokretez Res2-1Pitchbury
11Nov2018Lge Div 3Feering VillageP-PRiverbank Athletic
18Nov2018PremierSunday ShrimpersP-PRomania Athletic
18Nov2018PremierCity Saints1-4St Johns
18Nov2018PremierFC Byair3-7Duckpond
18Nov2018Lge Div 1Iceni Wanderers3-2Fordham Athletic
18Nov2018Lge Div 1Madrid Wanderers1-2Queens Arms
18Nov2018Lge Div 1Pathfields1-4Sokretez
18Nov2018Lge Div 1Harts0-5Vikings Flag
18Nov2018Lge Div 2Tavern1-3Great Clacton Utd
18Nov2018Lge Div 2Stone Island3-0Bullers
18Nov2018Lge Div 2Dovercourt Rovers4-0Cusa
18Nov2018Lge Div 2Ramsey & Mistley Res3-0Great Oakley
18Nov2018Lge Div 3Pitchbury1-5Dedham Athletic
18Nov2018Lge Div 3Colchester Crusaders4-4Ramsey & Mistley A
18Nov2018Lge Div 3Vagabonds Res1-5Riverbank Athletic
18Nov2018Lge Div 3Sokretez Res0-4Feering Village
25Nov2018ESPCR3Vikings Flag3-1Bocking Social
25Nov2018ESPCR3Railway Accies3-4Romania Athletic
25Nov2018PremierDuckpondHWCity Saints
25Nov2018PremierMarquis6-2Sunday Shrimpers
25Nov2018PremierRamsey & Mistley1-4FC Byair
25Nov2018PremierVagabonds3-3St Johns
25Nov2018Lge Div 1Harts3-1Madrid Wanderers
25Nov2018Lge Div 1Fifteen DegreesP-PFordham Athletic
25Nov2018Lge Div 1Queens Arms2-0Sokretez
25Nov2018Lge Div 1Pathfields3-5Iceni Wanderers
25Nov2018Lge Div 2Cusa1-4Tavern
25Nov2018Lge Div 2Stone Island2-5Great Clacton Utd
25Nov2018Lge Div 2CO4 Ultras2-1Dovercourt Rovers
25Nov2018Lge Div 2Great Oakley0-2Ramsey & Mistley Res
25Nov2018Lge Div 3Riverbank Athletic19-1Sokretez Res
25Nov2018Lge Div 3Ramsey & Mistley AHWVagabonds Res
25Nov2018Lge Div 3PhoenixAWFeering Village
25Nov2018Lge Div 3Dedham Athletic2-2Colchester Crusaders
2Dec2018ESJCR4Leigh Utd8-2Sokretez
2Dec2018ESJTR4CO4 Ultras1-5Royal Albert
2Dec2018PremierSunday ShrimpersP-PDuckpond
2Dec2018PremierRomania Athletic4-2City Saints
2Dec2018PremierFC Byair5-1Ramsey & Mistley
2Dec2018PremierMarquis2-6St Johns
2Dec2018Lge Div 1Fifteen Degrees2-6Harts
2Dec2018Lge Div 1Fordham AthleticHWPathfields
2Dec2018Lge Div 1Iceni Wanderers8-3Newtown Rovers
2Dec2018Lge Div 1Vikings Flag0-4Queens Arms
2Dec2018Lge Div 2Bullers0-3Great Oakley
2Dec2018Lge Div 2Dovercourt Rovers6-2Tavern
2Dec2018Lge Div 2Great Clacton Utd9-0Stone Island
2Dec2018Lge Div 2Ramsey & Mistley Res1-3Cusa
2Dec2018Lge Div 3Pitchbury2-3Ramsey & Mistley A
2Dec2018Lge Div 3Colchester CrusadersP-PVagabonds Res
2Dec2018Lge Div 3Dedham Athletic10-2Sokretez Res
2Dec2018Lge Div 3Feering Village1-0Riverbank Athletic
9Dec2018CHMLCR3Cusa3-1Ramsey & Mistley
9Dec2018CHMLCR3Newtown Rovers1-5Dedham Athletic
9Dec2018CHMLCR3Phoenix1-4Great Clacton Utd
9Dec2018CHMLCR3Romania Athletic5-1Sokretez
9Dec2018CHMLCR3Riverbank Athletic4-3Sunday Shrimpers
9Dec2018CHMLCR3Fordham AthleticP-PSt Johns
9Dec2018CHMLCR3City SaintsAWQueens Arms
9Dec2018CHMLCR3FC Byair1-7CO4 Ultras
9Dec2018CHMLCR3Vikings Flag11-2Stone Island
9Dec2018CHMLCR3Feering Village2-3Iceni Wanderers
9Dec2018Lge Div 1Fifteen DegreesP-PMadrid Wanderers
9Dec2018Lge Div 2Bullers0-4Ramsey & Mistley Res
9Dec2018Lge Div 3Pitchbury0-2Colchester Crusaders
9Dec2018Lge Div 3Sokretez Res4-3Ramsey & Mistley A
16Dec2018FMCR2Sunday ShrimpersP-PFordham Athletic
16Dec2018FMCR2MarquisHWCity Saints
16Dec2018FMCR2Vikings Flag4-3Iceni Wanderers
16Dec2018EOCCR2Great Clacton Utd4-3Cusa
16Dec2018EOCCR2Dedham Athletic2-4Tavern
16Dec2018EOCCR2Feering Village2-0Riverbank Athletic
16Dec2018EOCCR2Pitchbury2-3Great Oakley
16Dec2018EOCCR2Ramsey & Mistley Res7-3Colchester Crusaders
16Dec2018EOCCR2Stone Island4-3Bullers
16Dec2018PremierDuckpondHWSt Johns
16Dec2018PremierRamsey & Mistley2-7Romania Athletic
16Dec2018Lge Div 1Queens Arms4-3Fifteen Degrees
16Dec2018Lge Div 1Sokretez3-0Madrid Wanderers
16Dec2018Lge Div 3Phoenix5-3Ramsey & Mistley A
6Jan2019CHMLCR3Fordham Athletic3-1St Johns
6Jan2019CHMLCR3Madrid Wanderers3aet4Pathfields
6Jan2019PremierSunday Shrimpers4-2Marquis
6Jan2019Lge Div 1Iceni Wanderers2-4Fifteen Degrees
6Jan2019Lge Div 1Vikings Flag3-1Sokretez
6Jan2019Lge Div 1Newtown Rovers1-5Queens Arms
6Jan2019Lge Div 2Bullers3-6Cusa
6Jan2019Lge Div 2Great Clacton Utd3-2Dovercourt Rovers
6Jan2019Lge Div 2Ramsey & Mistley Res2-4CO4 Ultras
6Jan2019Lge Div 2Great Oakley3-4Stone Island
6Jan2019Lge Div 3Riverbank Athletic3-2Ramsey & Mistley A
6Jan2019Lge Div 3Phoenix4-3Sokretez Res
6Jan2019Lge Div 3Colchester Crusaders1-0Feering Village
6Jan2019Lge Div 3Dedham Athletic4-2Vagabonds Res

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