Season 2017 / 18  

The Cup Competitions

The cup draws for Season 2017 / 18 took place on 3rd July 2017
by three members of the League Management Commitee.

All rounds were drawn at random.

Please click on the links below to see the layout of each competition.


Please also be aware of rules regarding players' eligibility,
especially where clubs do not join the competition after the first round
(or the competition begins in a later round).

Cup Competitions

Arthur Boswell Cup


AFC Pegasus v Duckpond

Charles Hewitt Memorial League Cup

13th May 2018 - Lawford

AFC Pegasus 4 aet 2 Queens Arms

All first xi's in the league.
(Premier & first division sides enter in round three.)

The Fowler Memorial Cup

6th May 2018 - Lawford

Duckpond 1 - 3 Marquis

All first xi's in the premier & first division.

Ernie Osborne Challenge Cup

27th May 2018 - Lawford

All first xi's in divisions two, three and four, plus all reserve
teams whose first team is not in this competition.

Terry Martin Trophy

22nd April 2018 - Lawford

CO4 Ultras 2 - 0 Thorpmund

All first xi's in the bottom division, plus all
reserve teams in the league.

Wally Castle Invitational Trophy

date and venue to be confirmed

An additional competition, open to all clubs invited by the League Management Committee.

Essex Sunday Junior Cup

8th April 2018

Marquis 4 - 1 Palmers

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