Sunday League Cup 1974 - 1975

First Round
Ancient Briton0-2Britannia
Benhams-(bye to R2)
Birch Utd0-3Monkwick
Birchwood-Severalls Ath. (withdrew)
Blackthorn-(bye to R2)
Boxted4-2Queen Rangers
British Rail-(bye to R2)
Coggeshall CYC-(bye to R2)
Coopers Arms2-3Layer Fox
Drury Athletic3-4Home Farm
Eight Ash Green (0)1-0Alresford (0)
Elmstead Athletic-(bye to R2)
Fountain Dynamos2-4Tartan House
Gaslights-(bye to R2)
Labour Club6-0Globe
Live & Let Live2-4Bugle Horn
Mersea Utd-(bye to R2)
N.E.E.T.C.-(bye to R2)
Nig Banda-(bye to R2)
Parsons Heath3-5Marquis of Gransby
Q.B. Monarchs-(bye to R2)
Rose & Crown-(bye to R2)
Royal London-(bye to R2)
Sound Attenuators-(bye to R2)
St. Martins-(bye to R2)
Stockwell Utd-(bye to R2)
Telecomms1-3White Hart
Vagabonds6-1Turner Village
Wivenhoe Colneside-(bye to R2)
Woods Athletic-(bye to R2)
Second Round
Bugle Horn2-4Wivenhoe Colneside
Eight Ash Green3-1Britannia
Home Farm5-2Tartan House
Labour Club2-1Coggeshall CYC
Layer Fox5-4Benhams
Moler6-1Mersea Utd
Q.B. Monarchs3-0Sound Attenuators
Rose & Crown8-0Nig Banda
Royal London0-6Marquis of Gransby
St. Martins4-6British Rail
Stockwell Utd0-3Monkwick
White Hart1-5Paxmans
Woods Athletic3-5Elmstead Athletic
Third Round
Elmstead Athletic9-2Layer Fox
Home Farm?-?British Rail
N.E.E.T.C.2-4Eight Ash Green
Paxmans6-1Marquis of Gransby
Q.B. Monarchs4-3Wivenhoe Colneside
Rose & Crown5-3Labour Club
Quarter Finals
British Rail1-2Rose & Crown
Eight Ash Green0-2Elmstead Athletic
Q.B. Monarchs4(aet)3Blackthorn
Semi - Finals
Q.B. Monarchs3-0Elmstead Athletic
Rose & Crown5(aet)4Paxmans
Rose & Crown (2)3-2Q.B. Monarchs (2)

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