Season 2017 / 18  

Charles Hewitt Memorial League Knockout Cup 2017 / 18

Round One
1Dynamo Darcy4aet2Bullers
Round Two
2Thorpmund3-1Blacksmiths Arms
3Marks TeyAWGreat Oakley
4Kelvedon Victoria3aet4Flag
6Stone IslandHWTiptree Park
7Highwaymen2-1Fifteen Degrees
8Cusa2-1Old Heath Barbarians
9Ale House GillsAWVikings
10Queens Arms4pen1Dynamo Darcy
11Tavern3aet2Newtown Rovers
12Madrid Wanderers1-3Great Clacton Utd
13Sokretez2-4CO4 Ultras
14Colchester AthleticAWDovercourt Rovers
Round Three
15Vagabonds5aet2Dovercourt Rovers
16Wivenhoe Old BoysAWIceni Wanderers
17Sunday ShrimpersHWStone Island
18St OsythAWThorpmund
19The MillAWQueens Arms
20Wormingford Wanderers6-0Fordham Athletic
21Feering Utd3-2Pathfields
22Cusa2-1Brightlingsea Regent
23FC Byair6-4Vikings
24City Saints0-3St Johns
25AFC Pegasus22-0Ramsey Mill
26Romania Athletic4aet4
CO4 Ultras
27Great Clacton Utd1-3Flag
28Marquis1-2Ramsey Utd
30Great Oakley1-5Tavern
Round Four
31Flag0-5Wormingford Wanderers
33Ramsey Utd3-2Thorpmund
34Cusa1-4Feering Utd
35Iceni Wanderers0-5AFC Pegasus
36St Johns2-5Queens Arms
37Romania Athletic5-0Vagabonds
38Sunday Shrimpers3-1FC Byair
Quarter Finals
39Queens Arms4-1Ramsey Utd
40Wormingford Wanderers2-5AFC Pegasus
41Feering Utd2-5Sunday Shrimpers
42Duckpond3-1Romania Athletic
Semi Finals
43Duckpond1-3AFC Pegasus
44Queens Arms5-2Sunday Shrimpers
45AFC Pegasus4 aet 2Queens Arms
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