Season 2017 / 18  

Goalscorers 2017 / 2018

Below is a list of all the goalscorers submitted to the league so far this season. There are a few 'unknown' scorers where the name either hasn't been left on the answer phone or via the website (which always worries me a bit !!)

Please note, to try and ensure fairness I will only make alterations to names / spellings etc if they are submitted to me from either the Club Secretary or Manager, so, if you're a player - make sure they send the email !!

I've tried to get the first names but if yours is missing, get your Club Sec to send them too !!

Finally, use the filters at the top of the table to refine your search ...

Last update : 27/5/2018

Player NameClubDivLgeCupTotal

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