Welcome to the Plume Avenue Nursery website !!

Welcome to Plume Avenue Nursery.

Almost at the end of term already - just two and a bit weeks to go - don't forget we finish on Thursday 18th July !

For our older children that's all there is before the big summer break and then .... 'Big School'. A big push now from nursery and home to try and be 'Ready For School !!'

The weather is getting there - we're all out in the garden much more now so please ensure that your child(ren) have a decent change of clothes AND a pair of shoes or trainers that are easy for them to get on and off quickly.

We've reviewed all our policies over the last couple of weeks, so please take the time if you can to have another read through - safeguarding, food & drink, and general health & hygiene are the most important ones.

Also, as a general reminder, please remember that the use of mobile phones anywhere near the children is prohibited, please put it away before you come through the gate !!

ClassDojo is working really well for us since we made the switch last year but, if you are having any problems with accessing it, please speak to Steve or Martyn, we are trying to use it as much as possible to keep you up to date with news and information.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, by phone or email - details are at the bottom of the page or just grab us at the gate !


If you are looking for a nursery place for your child for September please get in touch.


From Steve, Jean and all the staff at Plume Avenue Nursery