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Weekly Predictions Competition

A top week, and top spot for Barcley with an excellent 24 points. Simon & Gary Brig share second with 17 points and Andy Hewitt is back in third with 15 points.

Results of Week 17

Pos.NameExact Result
(5 pts)
Correct Scoreline
(3 pts)
2Simon Lee1417
3Gary Brigden 1417
4Andy Hewitt0515
5Graham Osborne0412
6Adrian Arnot1211
7Jamie Welsh1211
8Nathan Tansley039
9Ron Bennett039
10Robert Welsh039
11Craig Dees039
12Jon Burns039
13Harry Arnot 118
14Dave Ambrose118
15Colin Cheeseworth118
16Karl Henshall 013

Top Predictors
(5 pts)
(3 pts)
(1 pts)
1Jamie Welsh41124
2Nathan Tansley4323
3Simon Lee15222
4Graham Osborne22117
5Gary Brigden5217
6Dave Ambrose21215
7Karl Henshall21215
8Adrian Arnot12314
9Harry Arnot 412
10Ron Bennett1119
11Jon Burns1119
13Gary Bright127
14Robert Welsh127
15David Fowles116
16Andy Hewitt116
17Craig Dees136
18Dave Ambrose15
19Ryan Brown125
20Colin Cheeseworth114

As last season, five points go to the top placed predictor, three for second and one for third.

In the even of two or more sharing the same score the positions will be allocated based on Exact Results and then Correct Scorelines.

If we're still equal then both those players will receive the points for that position.

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