Author: Jon Burns

Cup Draws

For your information, this season, the draws for our own cup competitions are being made throughout the season as each round nears completion. That also means that the cup information within Full Time is limited until we can get that part of the system working as want it to

Reminder – Request for a Free Sunday

Clubs requesting a free week:-

Copy from Rule 20B which you will find on page 18 of the 2019/2020 League Handbook

Any team requesting time off must give six weeks advance notice in writing to the Fixture Secretary. No team can have more than two weeks off in a season.

Council Pitch Fees – Cup Games

All teams should be aware of Cup Competition Rule 7 on page 23 of the League Handbook. For your information, the home team will be billed by the league for the full cost of any council pitch at either Shrub End, Mile End or Eastcliff, and should collect 50% of the pitch fee from the away team on the day of the game. The cost of Mile End and Shrub End is £58.60 and Eastcliff is £47.00

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