Author: Jon Burns

Latest League Update

As informed in the recent League update, since the AGM, there have been a number of developments relating to the League Constitution for the 2020-2021 Season, most recently, with Vikings notifying The Colchester & District Sunday League of their intention to withdraw as a result of a change in their club setup

This has left the League in a position where we have needed to review the planned Constitution to maintain the integrity of the League and ensure a competitive setup for all clubs, and therefore convene an urgent meeting of all League Officers and Management Committee Members, to discuss how we plan to move forwards. This meeting was held on Friday 21st August 2020 and the outcome of that meeting was that the League have opted to call an SGM as per Rule 9, where a further vote will be held on what the Constitution for 2020-2021 Season will be. All club secretaries have been communicated with details of the vote and the deadline of Monday 31 August 5pm

The Colchester & District Sunday League would like to inform all clubs, that as a result of the League Constitution not yet being finalised, the League has been unable to complete affiliation with Essex County FA and will continue to be unable to do so, until this vote has been concluded. As a result of this and to ensure that the League has sufficient time to plan for the season ahead once this vote has been finalised, the start date of the season is now planned for Sunday 20 September

League Update

As requested at the AGM, the Management Committee has agreed to produce a 4 week batch of fixtures to clubs who are reminded that as per Rule 20 (B) the Committee can amend these with 5 clear days notice. Clubs are also advised that this service will be withdrawn at any time if the Committee feel that it is in the best interests of the Competition

In addition, as requested at the AGM, the Management Committee has agreed to look into Cup Final venue alternatives once the Competition season has progressed

With regret though, the Management Committee has to inform member clubs that following the AGM we have received several representations about the agreed constitution, teams possibly withdrawing, a club appealing a league decision to ECFA and latterly a team actually withdrawing from the competition today, meaning that we have not been able to undertake much of the preparation work for the new season, which includes affiliating the league with ECFA and also helping you with the guidance you will need to prepare your COVID risk assessments without which you will not be able to play in the Competition.

In light of this, the Management Committee are planning to hold an emergency committee meeting as soon as possible to discuss whether to call a Special General Meeting for a possible re-constitution of the league and also to discuss delaying the scheduled start of the season.

It is appreciated that these are difficult times for everyone concerned, especially with so many obstacles to overcome, but we will continue to work hard to ensure you have the best of what will be a highly unusual football season

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