Etiquette Reminder from Colchester Borough Council

The League has been contacted by Colchester Borough Council in relation to pitches hired at Shrub End and Mile End with the following message:

The Council has received reports that people using our sports pitches may be leaving rubbish on the side lines after their games. We are writing to all clubs to ask that people hiring the pitches take their rubbish home after their games or put the rubbish in bins near the pavilion, and leave the site as they find it. Currently local residents have taken it upon themselves to litter pick the site, which we are grateful for, but we would encourage users of our facilities to leave the site clean and green. Your cooperation in keeping our sports ground tidy would be very much appreciated.

Please ensure your cooperation with clearing up any rubbish at the end of your games. Further action may betaken against any clubs reported who fail to do so.