Cup Competition Rule Reminder

Please be aware of the following rules regarding cup competitions in the Colchester & District Sunday League …

Rule 7 Shrub End and Mile End are £60.83 per pitch and Eastcliff and Vista Road are £33.53 per pitch

Until Tendring District Council complete their building works, there are no/limited changing rooms at Vista Road

3. (A)

In all Cup Competitions, players must be registered as in the League and shall be bone-fide members of the Club they represent. From the Quarter Final stage onwards, a player shall have been registered for that club at least 14 days prior to the date of the match or shall have played at least 2 games for that club, during the current season.

A player shall not play for more than one competing team in the same Cup competition in the Current Season

In order for a player to be eligible they must be approved by the League on the Player Registration Portal by 12pm Saturday, or signed using the Matchday signing process which can be used for up to 2 players.

Matchday signings are permitted in all rounds up to but NOT INCLUDING THE QUARTER FINALS OR BEYOND.

6. In all matches the duration of play shall be 90 minutes. In the event of the teams being level on completion of 90 minutes, two periods of 15 minutes extra time will be played. Should the scores still be level then penalty kicks in accordance with International Football Association Board regulations shall decide the outcome.

7. In all cup-ties, with the exception of Cup Finals, both Clubs are to share the costs of the game. The home team should confirm costs for cup games, i.e. The cost of the pitch and the Referee fees the home team shall be responsible for the payment of the match officials fees. After the completion of the match the home team to collect the away team’s share of the costs