Important Message from League President

Important Message from League President Mr Ernie Osborne

To all Secretaries and Managers

As you are all aware there is a shortage of Referees generally. Sunday Leagues have always had problems recruiting, as most Referees prefer to officiate on a Saturday.

Last season we struggled through however this season, several Referees have decided not to officiate on our league at all for various reasons, however the main reason is because of the abuse they receive. It is important to remember that Referees are Free Agents and can officiate on what ever league they wish.

The Colchester & District Sunday League is at a crisis because a number of the Referees on our panel have decided not to join us this season. We are now struggling as we do not have enough Referees to cover all our games and you all know what that means – you will have to do it yourselves!

At almost every League Meeting, our Referees Appointment Secretary; Simon Lewis, uses the same words regarding our Referees ”If you abuse them, you will lose them“ which has happened and continues to happen.

There are very few new Referees coming through the system and we don’t need to ask why, because we all know the answer. Ask yourselves this, would you give up you time to be abused for doing something you love? Referees certainly do not do it for the money.

This letter has been prompted because in the last couple of weeks we have lost two Referees, due to abuse and personal threats during and after the game. This you will agree is totally unacceptable. The Football Association are of course taking the appropriate action, but, all this could have been prevented by the Clubs involved, by the Managers and by the other responsible people within the club on the day.

The situation has got so bad some Referees refuse to Referee certain clubs. Are you that club?

This situation cannot go on. The only people that can do something about it is you. What we do not want to happen is what has happened in the North East League only this week, where all the local Referees have refused to officiate until the situation changes. We are talking about our Referees here. You have got to look after them or has been said “You will lose them”

Once they have decided to leave they don’t come back.