Important Information on Resumption of Grassroots Football

With the resumption of Grassroots Football permitted as of today, and many of you returning to training and matches imminently, please see below some important updates:

FA Guidelines for Resumption of Grassroots Football

Please read the following key points from the FA’s latest guidance and ensure that any questions are raised immediately;


The Government guidance on travel is that the ‘stay at home’ rule will end on Monday 29 March, but many restrictions will remain in place. As organised sport can resume, all participants may travel to games but should avoid travel at the busiest times and routes, as well as minimising any unnecessary journeys where possible. All participants must follow the Government’s guidance on safer travel.

Changing rooms

Changing rooms cannot be used as part of step one in the roadmap out of lockdown and must remain shut. Toilets will be allowed to open, 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after training and/or matches. All government guidance on hygiene and social distancing measures must be followed.


No spectators are allowed at grassroots football as part of step one of the Government’s roadmap (this is hopefully going to change mid April). Obviously most of the grounds you use will be public/open spaces, but is still recommended that should you be challenged by the authorities that you can at least show/demonstrate that you provided the message to everyone connected to your club.

Further guidance from ECFA is that clubs should publicise that no spectators are permitted on websites and social media and clubs may elect to put up additional signage at their grounds or around the pitch to make this clear to anyone intending to attend. From a County FA perspective, if spectators at a ground were reported as a potential breach of The FA’s guidelines, this would be investigated and, if necessary, education would be provided in the first instance, depending on what steps had been taken to prevent this. ECFA would have no control over what the local authority or police decided to do in that instance, but we would hope that, if the above steps had been taken, they would recognise that the blame lay with the individuals disobeying instructions rather than the club

Please ensure that you as a club do your utmost to respect adhere to all current guidance and ensure a safe and much anticipated return to Grassroots Football.