The season is over ….

This is to confirm that season 2021/22 is now concluded. The League Management Committee would like to express it’s thanks to all players, clubs, match officials, league officials and anyone else we might have forgotten.

The winners of each competition are below …

  • Premier Division: Fifteen Degrees
  • Division One: Colchester Crusaders
  • Division Two: Kings Park
  • Division Three: Old Saints United
  • Division Four: Feering Village Reserves
  • Ernie Osborne Challenge Cup: Old Saints United
  • Fowler Memorial Cup: Fifteen Degrees
  • Ruby Challenge Cup: Queens Arms
  • Terry Martin Trophy: CO4 Ultras Reserves
  • The Hewitt Memorial League Cup: Fifteen Degrees
  • Wally Castle Invitational Trophy: Clacton Rangers
  • Essex Sunday Premier Cup: Fifteen Degrees