Important Dates & Actions

Please be advised of the following dates and actions required before or on those dates:

Player Registration

  • As per Rule 18(H) (i), the last date to register players with the League was 7th March
  • Player Registrations have moved to a new FA portal for Leagues, Clubs and Players, so only players registered as of 7th March will have transferred over
  • New players to be registered can only be done once notification is provided by The FA

League Officers and Management Committee

  • As per Rule 5(B), all candidates for election as Officers of the Competition or members of the Management Committee shall be nominated to the League Secretary by email, from two existing club secretaries not later than 31st March

Proposed Rule Changes

  • Notice of any proposed alterations to the Rules for consideration at the AGM must be submitted to the League Secretary on by 11th April

Applications for New or Additional Teams for 2021-2022 Season

End of Financial Year

  • The financial year end for The Colchester & District Sunday League is 20th May
  • All monies owed to the League must be settled before this date, or teams risk not being included in the Constitution for the 2021-2022 season

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  • Notice is given that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The Colchester & District Sunday League is to be held on Friday 25th June at 7.30pm
  • The meeting is scheduled to be held at Stanway Village Hall, however is subject to change dependent on Government advice

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact League Sec. Aaron Finch.