Important Information on Player Registrations for 2021-2022 Season

Dear Club Secretaries,

Please be informed of the following updates in relation to Player Registrations for the 2021-2022 season.

System Information

  1. Whilst the new Player Registration Portal currently allows for clubs to submit players to the League for approval, on advice from Essex County FA, please refrain from submitting any players for approval until the Season Rollover from 2020-2021 to 2021-2022 has been completed. Note that any players who are currently pending with the League for approval will be held until such time that this has been completed and our Registration start date has been announced
  2. Season Rollover from 2020-2021 is likely to take place on 1st July, however the FA Player Registration Portal will be offline from 1st July-5th July so please do not attempt to complete any player registrations until after this date
  3. During this downtime, FA Whole Game System will still be available for Club and League Affiliations to be completed

Registration Requirements

  1. For the 2021-2022 season, it is a mandatory requirement for every player to have a unique telephone number and email address associated within their FA profile, which MUST be their personal details
  2. Following agreement at the AGM, all players must also now have a photo (headshot) associated within their FA profile. This can either be added by a player by logging in to their profile, or by a Club prior to submitting the registration for approval. Further support on how to do this can be found at Support : Grassroots Technology (

FA Training Sessions

The FA are running a number of training sessions on Player Registrations and it is HIGHLY recommended that all clubs use the links below to book in to one of these sessions:

19-Jul-21Player Registration (Clubs) – Basic7.00pm
27-Jul-21Player Registration (Clubs)7.00pm
04-Aug-21Player Registration (Clubs)7.00pm
12-Aug-21Player Registration (Clubs)6.00pm
16-Aug-21Player Registration (Clubs)7.00pm
24-Aug-21Player Registration (Clubs)6.00pm
01-Sep-21Player Registration (Clubs)7.00pm
09-Sep-21Player Registration (Clubs)6.30pm
13-Sep-21Player Registration (Clubs)7.00pm