COVID-19 Information

As a result of a number of recent enquiries to The Colchester & District Sunday League regarding COVID-19; and in particular what to do when a player, volunteer or spectator is tested positive, please could you read and share with your club and players the below reminders which have previously been circulated by the FA and the League.

Please save and share the link to the Essex FA Coronavirus page ( as this should be your first port of call for information at all times

Please pay particular attention to questions 3, 4, 6, 10 and 18 within the FA FAQ’s document

In addition, as advised by The FA, following a meeting with them and League Representatives this week, the following are the actions and processes that all clubs and the league must undertake:

Continually revise your own club or home ground COVID risk assessment to make sure it is up to date and be aware that it could be called for by the authorities in certain circumstances

If you wish to report a club, volunteer or player for a breach of COVID rules, this should be reported to Jake Fairman at Essex FA ( ensuring you copy in the League Secretary (

Breaches of COVID rules are generally breaks of Government law, so the FA will probably advise that this is a Police matter which could lead to fines as per the Government rules and regulations

It is also reminded that breaches can be reported to the Police by the general public or COVID Marshalls in your area

Reminder that the “Rule of 6” also applies to anyone watching from the touch line

Reminder that you should be asking all players, volunteers and spectators to self test before attending any game, and that your COVID officer is required to note every single person they can identify on the day

Any individual with a positive test should call NHS 111

Test and Trace will determine who that individual has been in contact with, which could involve asking for a list of players, spectators etc, and from that they will make a decision on who they require to self isolate and/or ask for a test to be undertaken

The appointed Club COVID Officer/Club Secretary must keep the league advised of all circumstances

The league DOES NOT decide if a fixture should go ahead or not. That decision is undertaken by each individual club and must be communicated by the Club Secretary

Clubs withdrawing from a fixture for COVID reasons is covered under Rule 20E of the League Rules

All relevant persons. including any appointed referee, must be told of the withdrawal by the Club Secretary

Appointed persons includes, but is not limited to; League Secretary, Referee Secretary, Fixture Secretary, Opposition Club Secretary, Match Official(s) (if appointed)

Unless advised otherwise, the league will in addition also withdraw the team/club(s) from the following week of fixtures to allow for the 14 day self-isolation period

As advised by the FA, the league must issue a charge to the club(s) which must be responded to by the deadline with the information and reasons for withdrawing

The League Management Committee then determine the outcome of that fixture, whether it be re-arranged or otherwise, with each case being looked at on an individual basis

Above all else, the health and safety of everyone involved with The Colchester and District Sunday League, must be the main priority. It is our primary concern this season and should be yours too.

Please look out for any future updates regarding the above either directly from the FA or The Colchester & District Sunday League itself, as they will always be of high importance.

If you have any further COVID/Football related questions, please contact the League Secretary and League Chairman.