Player Registrations & Eligibility of Players

August 30, 2023 stecat 0

Please be reminded that ONLY players who have been approved by the League are eligible to play in your fixtures. It is the responsibility of each club to check that the players are registered before proceeding to play them, which can be done easily by accessing the Player Registration Portal. You MUST also check that a player is not showing as suspended before playing them. As a reminder, any players submitted to the League for [… more …]

Matchday Signings

August 30, 2023 stecat 0

Please be reminded of the correct process for completing Matchday Signings, which is listed under Rule 18(A) for your reference. See full post for details ….

Points deductions introduced for 2023/24

August 2, 2023 stecat 0

From the start of the 2023/24 season, The FA will introduce point deductions for teams across the grassroots game if their players or coaches commit repeated offences of serious misconduct, making clear to clubs that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated. Point deductions will apply to clubs at Step 7 and below of the men’s game, and clubs across Tier 3 and below in the women’s pyramid, which commit cumulative incidents of serious [… more …]