Next Sunday’s fixtures

December 6, 2022 stecat 0

Due to some jiggery-pokery in the County Cups, there have been a couple of changes to the fixtures for next weekend. Please double check the list to ensure you know who you’re playing and where 🙂

This week’s results … next week’s fixtures.

December 4, 2022 stecat 0

Evening everyone – sorry for the delay, got caught up in the excitement of watching the end of Deck The Halls on catch-up !! All of today’s results are now on, the league tables and the Fowler Cup draw has been updated and next week’s fixtures are on too. Third time lucky for Shrimpers against Sparta hopefully 🙂

Pre-Match, Matchday and Post-Match Requirements

September 17, 2022 stecat 0

In advance of League Fixtures commencing this weekend, please be reminded of several rules you need to be aware of and follow: Pre-Match Protocols It is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM to contact the AWAY TEAM and confirm details of the fixture, including the location, kick off time and kit colours NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY PRIOR TO THE FIXTURE It is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM to contact the Referee and confirm details [… more …]

Matchday Signings …

September 17, 2022 stecat 0

Please be reminded of the correct process for completing Matchday Signings, which is listed under Rule 18(A) for your reference. The Club Secretary must email the League Secretary – NO LATER THAN 2 HOURS BEFORE KICK OFF (BY 8.30AM) The subject Line should be entered as ‘Matchday Signing’ The email should contain the players details, specifically Full Name and DOB Following completion of the fixture, the Club Secretary should login to the Player Registration Portal [… more …]

Club responsibilities …

September 17, 2022 stecat 0

Please remember that it is the responsibility of all players and officials of every club to take care of the facilities they are using. Please pick up your litter, drinks bottles, discarded tape and anything else you’ve left on the floor and either take it with you, or place it in a litter bin. It is not the job of the groundsman to tidy up your mess !!

Enough Is Enough

September 10, 2022 stecat 0

It’s time to stamp out unacceptable behaviour in grassroots football. This letter has been sent to everyone involved in grassroots football (step 5 and below) whose email address in in the FA system, and is completely endorsed the the Colchester Sunday League Management Committee. Football has a unique power to deliver amazing benefits to individuals and communities. Not only does it keep us physically and mentally healthy, but it also builds long lasting friendships, teaches [… more …]

Archive update

June 4, 2022 stecat 0

All of last season’s information has been added to the archive. As always, if you have anything that isn’t in there already, photos, match reports, league tables for the early 90s, please get in touch.