Wally Castle Trophy – 2021/22

The Wally Castle Trophy is an invitational competition, the details of which are set out below ….

  • The competition will begin with a group stage.
  • Teams will only play each other once.
  • Top two from each group will progress to the knockout stages.
  • No extra time or penalties – draws will give each team a point.
  • Cup Rule 7 also applies in this competition – pitch and ref costs to be shared.
Group APWDLFA+/-Pts
Marks Tey10103301
Brooklands A201146-21
Old Saints00000000
Pathfields Res00000000
Tendring Ath00000000
Group BPWDLFA+/-Pts
Tollesbury Athletic Res11004223
Clacton Ballers 4300000000
Clacton Rangers00000000
Great Oakley00000000
Group CPWDLFA+/-Pts
Clacton Villa00000000
Feering Village Res00000000
Iceni Wanderers00000000
Roman Colts00000000
Wivenhoe Utd00000000
Group DPWDLFA+/-Pts
Stone Island1100120123
CO4 Ultras Res00000000
Great Horkesley00000000
Kings Park00000000
Tey Old Fellas1000012-120