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Interested in joining the Colchester & District Sunday League ? Then please keep reading ….

Why the Colchester & District Sunday Football League?

Please view the history of our League here to gain an insight as to how the League was started and has grown to what it is today.

Our League is a competitive and well-run league providing football to people of Colchester and its surrounding districts.

We operate with a range of divisions, which allows for people of all abilities to be involved and find a level that is suited to them. The clubs we have within our League range from experienced players who want to be the best and play the best, to clubs who simply just want to turn up and enjoy themselves!

The League has a strong group of League Officers and Committee Members, made up of volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the League continues to run as smoothly as possible.

We hope that you take the time to look our Website where you can find information about the League currently, as well as look at our archive to give you an insight into what has happened within the League in years gone by.

What does it involve?

Being part of an organised football league is not just turning up to play football and going home again, a club will need a good core of people willing to put in the time and effort to ensure that the club runs efficiently and effectively.

It can become awfully expensive, especially if you don’t abide by the rules as fines can quickly mount up and you need to be able to make sure that those people who say they want to play aren’t going to let you down, the main reason we see for teams folding is lack of players – especially when results don’t go the way you hope!

Hopefully with the information provided here, you will understand what is required to make it a success!

Club Structure

The first and most essential part of setting up a new club will be identifying who will form the Club Committee and undertake the key roles of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Some Clubs choose to have the same person act in all three roles; however, things can be quite daunting for a new club, so it is advised that you have at least two or three people to share the load!

The Club Secretary will be main point of contact for both the League, Essex County FA and all other Clubs so will need someone who can comply with the communication they will be receiving.

Club Name

So, you have the structure in place to get your Club off the ground, but before you can go any further, you need a name for your Club!

Once you have decided on a name, you will need to contact Essex County FA to obtain their approval for your name before it can be confirmed.

Remember that there are many teams currently or previously in existence so lots of Club Names may have been taken – be prepared for disappointment and have a backup name in place, just in case!

Affiliation with Essex County FA

In order to take part in any FA Affiliated League, like The Colchester & District Sunday Football League, your club must also be affiliated to Essex County FA, as the governing body for all football within Essex.

Your club must be affiliated before any fixtures can be played, regardless of whether the fixture is competitive or a friendly.

To start the process of Affiliation with Essex County FA, you will need to make contact with them using one of the following methods:

Post: Essex County Football Association, The County Office, Springfield Lyons Approach, Springfield Lyons, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 5EY
Phone: 01245 393080

Applying To A League

Now that your Club is setup with a suitable structure, has a name approved by Essex County FA and is an affiliated Club, you are ready to apply to join The Colchester & District Sunday Football League.

You can request an application form from

The League will undertake an interview with all applying clubs to understand your club setup, organisation, and finances so you will need to ensure that you have as much information as possible to provide during this.

Following the Interview the League will make a recommendation as to whether they feel you should be presented to all clubs for vote at the AGM to be accepted as a member of the League.


Believe it or not, many are put off when they start to understand the costs involved in setting up a new Club and it can prove very costly!

Firstly, you will find that there is a fee to affiliate with Essex County FA which will cost around £35.00 although is subject to change.

Then to join the League, there is a £50.00 New Club Entry Fee and all clubs once a Member of the League are charged an Annual Subscription Fee which is currently £80.00.

So that’s a fair whack spent before you have played any games!

In order to ensure that the Club’s Finances are handled appropriately, it is a requirement that all Clubs have a Bank Account in the Clubs Name for transactions to be processed from, so if you do not have this, you will need to get this setup.

Whilst you are probably starting to think where is this money going to come from, as a new club you will be buying equipment for the first time, such as kits, training wear, balls etc so it is highly recommended that you seek to find a sponsor who can help with some of these costs. If you are not aware of anyone who might want to be a sponsor, ask your players to ask around. A chance conversation with the Landlord next time they are in their local could provide a lead……

Clubs also find charging registered players a ‘signing on fee’ or ‘subscription fee’ is a good way to generate some funds into the Club account for the outgoings you will have during the coming months.

Finding A Pitch

So where will you play your games?

It might be that you have your own pitch and somewhere to call home, or that you have sourced somewhere to privately hire for your home games, such as a local school. Both of these would be welcomed, however any pitches must meet the League’s Rule of being within a 20-Mile radius of Colchester Town Hall and all facilities must provide changing facilities and toilets.

If you do not have your own venue and have been unable to source one, do not worry, as the League can source a Council Pitch for you to play your games on however would need you to confirm that this is required when applying to the League. All pitches hired by the League through the Council are invoiced back to Clubs the following month for all pitches hired the previous month.


There is an increasing number of Kit Manufacturers available, who can help you with designing and printing your kits. Obviously, you will have an idea as to what kit you would like, but it is worth considering whether you should pay for a slightly better quality in order to ensure that you have a kit which will last the season and stand up to the rigours of poor weather and conditions!

It is a requirement that all Clubs have a Home and Away Kit, so you will need to ensure that you purchase both and all kits MUST be numbered, even the goalkeeper!

Due to clashes with the Match Officials, dark coloured shirts such as Navy Blue or Black are strictly prohibited.

League Rules

Be sure to read and understand the League’s Rules which can be located here as you will be expected to comply with these rules and failure to do so could result in Charges and subsequently Fines being issued to you.

Further Information

The information provided on this page is designed to help any Clubs interested in understanding what is involved and therefore this list is not comprehensive, there may be more you need to know or understand other than what is listed here.

Should you have any questions in relation to joining the League, please contact the League Secretary; Aaron Finch on who will be able to support you.